Snowy Owl Scarf

I made this scarf as a birthday gift for a friend a couple years ago.  She loves owls and we had just gotten done marathoning all the Harry Potter movies, so naturally, I wanted to make the owls on the scarf snowy owls like Hedwig!  I used a Bedazzler (yes, an authentic Bedazzler) to attach the amber jewels for the eyes.  I wanted the scarf to be super cozy because we live in Minnesota, so I found a pattern that’s actually for a baby blanket and just modified it down to a scarf.  It’s so thick and warm!

It’s all one piece, but you could make the owl pieces separate and then sew them to the scarf.  That might be easier than doing it all in one piece like I did–making the owl part upside down proved challenging!  There were a lot of obscenities aimed at that part of the project, but I dominated that yarn and made it work!

I got the owl pattern here.