mmmm….tastes like summer

So….if you judge solely on my previous post…St. Pat’s was great!  No, my absence can just be explained by life happening and me being out of the state for a time.  But, these are some amazing cupcakes we make a few weeks ago!

We got the idea from the back of a cake mix…for real.  They have good ideas back there!  So we had this random lemon cake mix sitting around and the box suggesting putting a strawberry icing on it!  Um, no need to twist my arm there!  We made a strawberry buttercream frosting (made with fresh strawberry puree….omg).  And they were so amazing.  Basically, they tasted like strawberry lemonade.  Usually, I’ll only have one “ugly” cupcake for myself, but this time, I just kept them all at home and made poor food decisions for a while.  Totally worth it.

Also, my birthday was a few weeks ago.  I’m a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh, so my best friends made me hunny bee cupcakes!  The cake was an almond cake with a honey buttercream frosting.  And an adorable jelly bean bumble bee with almond-sliver wings.  They were super cute AND delicious!  Bonus!

Happy Valentine’s Day–Part 1

We dreamed up this idea a couple weeks ago and have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to execute it.  We decided to make mini-cupcakes with a surprise inside!  The surprise?  A cookie!  We made strawberry cupcakes with a Nilla Wafer baked into the bottom and Valentines Fun-Fetti cupcakes with a mini Oreo baked into the bottom.  They are so cute and delicious–it’s like a yummy little crust at the bottom of the cake!

We learned a lot about mini cupcakes today: 1) bake them at around 325 for 18 minutes; 2) one box of cake mix will make 72 mini cupcakes; and 3) one canister of frosting will frost 72 mini cupcakes.

So, after I tied on the apron I made in the 7th grade and queueing up Frank Sinatra, we rocked out 12 dozen mini cupcakes.  12 DOZEN.  Needless to say, we are taking a ton to work and making Valentine’s deliveries to family friends!

Thank you, morning sunshine, for making my pics turn out great!