I promise you, that is not poop.

The next installment of fall baking includes pumpkin!  I found this amazing idea for cupcakes with pumpkin pie frosting.  The “frosting” is actually piped pumpkin pie!  I die.

I haven’t done much with pumpkin before, so this was fun.   If you want to make the whole process go faster, for sure just buy a pumpkin pie at the store, BUT if you’re a glutton for punishment like I am, it’s really not that hard.  I also never knew that there were so many different “flavors” of molasses.  It was a little overwhelming at the store.

The only downside is that pumpkin pie looks a little like poop.  Especially when you are piping out of a pastry bag…so these guys look pretty revolting, but they taste amazing!  In an effort to make them not look quite so poopy, I threw some sprinkles on them.  I just succeeded in brightening it up a little…not disguising it.  Oh well.

The recipe says to bake the cupcakes for 15-20.  Definitely start at 15 and go up from there.  My cakes turned out a tad on the dry side, but they are still yummy.  The little crust really adds a lot.

Wait, you mean I can’t just eat all of these?

One of my dear friends from work has a birthday coming up, so I asked her “What kind of cupcake would you be totally jazzed to have on your birthday?”  She replied with “Is chocolate chip a cupcake?”  To which I said, “duh.”

So I started scouring the internets and ran across this recipe from Annie’s Eats.  Holy moly!!!  They are so amazing.  They might be my favorite ones yet.  I know I’ve said that before, but I’m serious this time!

My official taste tester said, “It’s not that they’re perfect….it’s that they’re SO perfect.”

My personal review went something along the lines of “Uh ma gawww….’ese are stho ‘ucking amashing!” (This was of course said around a mouthful of cupcake.  Naturally.)

It calls for 4 eggs, I only had 3 and didn’t want to go back to the store for a third time today. So I got creative!

Hey, there’s a hole in this cupcake…