Cookies! And cream!!

So this insane heat wave finally broke (sort of), so I felt that I wouldn’t have a heat stroke if I turned on the oven and played with flour and eggs again!

I stumbled upon this recipe for cookies and cream cupcakes and thought, “duh.”  It’s only the best flavor of ice cream ever, so what’s not to love about having it in cupcake form??  Nothing.

A couple of irritations with this though: 1) if you follow the recipe, you need 2 packs of Oreos–I’m cheap and didn’t want extras lying around my kitchen, so no cookie crumble topping.  2) I kind of loathe working with cream cheese, so while the frosting tastes pretty amazing, it’s for sure more of a glaze than I would ever want it to be.

Other than that, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out 🙂

Bon Appetit!

The theme we decided to go with this week was France!  Why?  Because we had tickets to an amazing concert featuring beautiful French music on Saturday night.  So, everything has been French for a couple of days.

When looking through the vast array of fondant Eiffel Towers and mustaches, I suddenly thought of French toast.  While I know that French toast wasn’t actually dreamt up in France, I thought, “What the hay?  It sounds French and will probably be delicious.  Let’s do it.”

So then, came the tough part….choosing which recipe out there to use.  There are a million different variations out there!  I ended up going with this one–mostly because of the delicious maple cream cheese frosting recipe they also provided.

After queueing up the “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack (not totally French, but it was close enough and an amazing movie), we got to work!  The cupcakes turned out great, and my apartment smelled deliciously eggy and cinnamon-y.  Next time, I might pull them from the oven a minute or two sooner.  And I might double the batter, this one only made about 18 cupcakes–a totally reasonable amount for our purposes, but just keep in mind that it doesn’t make a full 2 dozen if that’s what you’re counting on.