Mardi Gr….wait, those look gross. Ok, Mardi Gras!!

Fat Tuesday is less than 24 hours away, and this weekend, I really wanted to bake something in the spirit of Mardi Gras.  My original thought was to bake a traditional Kings Cake–my first attempt was about 10 years ago and it was awesome!  But in the end, the Kings Cake was too ambitious for the resources that we had available.  So maybe next year I will create the amazing braided sugary cinnamony treat!

Instead of the cake, we decided to make cinnamon swirl cupcakes.  Now if you search on-line for “cinnamon swirl cupcakes,” you find so many amazing ideas that one can probably pull off without a hitch!  So if you want me make them….find an ambitious recipe and attack it.  Don’t take the lazy way like we did, you will be disappointed.

As I was running around on Saturday morning, I came a cross a Cinnamon Swirl cake mix!  I think I heard angels singing when I found it!  I thought to myself, “perfect!  most of the work is done for us.  we just add water, put them in pretty foil wrappers, and voila!  Cinnamon swirl cupcakes!”

It almost worked like that.  We added the water and eggs.  We put the batter into pretty gold foil wrappers.  We added delicious cinnamon and sugar to each cup and then, with a toothpick, we swirled each one to get that perfect aesthetic.  Then, we put them in the oven and waited, feeling so proud of ourselves.

Then, we opened the oven…..and I fell into a cinnamon induced depression.  This cake mix we had gotten apparently wasn’t a normal cake mix, so the cupcakes didn’t really rise correctly.  So, they rose out of the cups and then spread.  And our toothpick swirls did almost nothing.  While they tasted delicious, they just looked terrible!  I’m not going to go so far as to say “don’t ever use that box of cake mix” because it did taste delicious; just don’t use it for cupcakes.  Maybe use it for a bunt or a normal cake.

Mad props go out to my bestie for taking on the task of pulling me out of my deep depression our baking fail had spiraled me into.  She rallied and started searching the web for Mardi Gras cupcake ideas and found this one with multi colored batter and cinnamon frosting.  The original blog talks about separating the batter in the cups with spoons, we tried that on one and wanted to rip our hair out.  So we used our own method of putting each batter into its own ziplock baggie and piping it into the cups.  It worked so well!

So we went to work.  And this time, it was a huge success!