Hey, wanna wingardium leviosa that cupcake over here?

Hey look!  I’m baking again!

I’ve actually been baking off and on this whole time, but just not blogging for one reason or another.  Mostly because I can’t find my camera and my old phone was horrible for pictures. New phone, new ambition for blogging.  Let’s see how long I last 🙂

Two days ago, my sister-in-law posted an amazing recipe on my Facebook timeline, and I correctly assumed that it was her (passive?) aggressive way of making a cupcake request for my upcoming visit to my parents’ place.  She and I are both avid Harry Potter fans, so I could hardly say no to these delicious butterbeer cupcakes!!

Luckily, since I was home, I had a great baking assistant who was very good at doing exactly what I told him to and was adorably inquisitive about all of the ingredients.  He was also good at keeping me on task (when he wasn’t taking a nap break) because he was dying to eat ALL of the cupcakes.  He also reassured me that I was good at making “muffins” and told me he loved me every 30 minutes.  Meet Conway.


This is his wink.

These are filled cupcakes and are actually the first filled ones I’ve done without hollowing the cupcake.  I just put the filling into a squeeze bottle and jammed it into the cupcake and filled them that way.  It worked great and the filling really soaked into the cake deliciously.   What was left was used for a drizzle over the frosting.


As you can see, they turned out very pretty.  And they look nice on my mom’s oak table 🙂

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