Mickey/Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

A good friend of mine just got to spend a whole week at Disney World with her family.  I’m jealous to the core!  Not only do I love Disney, but it’s winter up here and I’d give anything for a day with temperatures in the upper 70s!  Her birthday fell during the week she was gone, so as a “happy birthday” and “welcome home we missed you a bunch” treat, we made Minnie Mouse cupcakes!  They are just like Mickey Mouse cupcakes, except the wrappers are red with white polka-dots.

They were super easy–just shove Oreos (regular and mini) into the frosted cupcake for the head and ears–and tasted awesome!

Unicorn Cake

Full disclosure:  most of the credit for this creation goes to my best friend.  She’s really good at kitchen stuff…and I’m not really trust worthy with sharp knives (like the one used to cut the shapes for this one).

My roommate recently had a birthday and she really loves unicorns, so my best friend and I decided to put our creative skills to the test and create a unicorn cake!  We really couldn’t have done it without the help of Google.  Believe me, if you search for “unicorn cake” you will see some seriously amazing cakes!  Luckily, she found this pattern that seemed pretty manageable.  We followed the instructions pretty closely–except she used an 8″ square instead of 9.”  Oh, and we used vanilla CandiQuik and sugar dyed light pink for the horn.  I think the end result was pretty great!

Here are some pics of the process:

Today, we just finished up some Micky Mouse cupcakes for another friend’s birthday.  So I’ll post those pics soon too.